DAPHNE: a supporting tool for pesticides risk assessors and stakeholders

Year: 2018
Category: Poster
Language: English
Authors: Alberto Linguadoca, Francesco Galimberti, Stefano Ubbiali, Luca Menaballi, Sonia Ullucci, Matteo Rota
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DAPHNE (DAtes and PHeNological Estimation) is a tool created to contribute supporting the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of pesticides. The rationale behind its development is based on correlating crop phenological stages (BBCH) to specific dates for representative geographic areas is often a crucial step both for the exposure and (higher tier) effects assessment. However, currently there is no source of information clearly addressing this issue at the national, Zonal or EU scale. Data from a number of field efficacy trials were collected in a database that could realistically represent reference scenarios and typical Italian crops. These data included information on BBCH and related date, agronomic and pedoclimatic conditions. The dataset was primarily used to extrapolate BBCH vs date curves for selected crops. These interpolation curves are meant to be used to reduce the degree of uncertainty in both exposure and ecotoxicological higher tier effects evaluation. Among the potential applications, correlating dates and BBCH would help to: - harmonize the application date selection to parametrize the application scheme implemented in the SWASH model, in order to predict pesticide’s loading in surface water due to drift, drainage and run-off; - provide data to substantiate the geographic and temporal representativeness of higher tier ecotoxicological studies. Hence, to support the risk assessment process where a weight of evidence approach is envisaged.