ICPS is a unit of the Azienda SocioSanitaria Territoriale (ASST) Fatebenefratelli-Sacco in the University of Milan.

It is characterized as a multi-purpose center of public health, mainly focused on chemical risk exposure, supporting the activities of the Lombardy Region, ensuring contacts and links with different organizations and the University of Milan.

ICPS performs research, analysis, development, management and verification of projects on behalf of National and International “Authorities”, Universities and third parties in the health safety framework.


What we do

The ICPS staff has advanced expertise in toxicology and occupational health, in ecotoxicology, in environmental science, food safety, environmental chemistry, epidemiology and management and processing of health data.

It also has expertise in handling and processing computerized data even spatial data, it has a good mastery of computer tools, such as software for statistical analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and has the ability to select, collect and organize data and information on pesticides, through the provision of searchable databases online.

Since its opening, ICPS has developed a strong interaction with the Health General Directorate of the Lombardy Region, providing support both in terms of pesticide risks to humans and to the environment and other issues of public health.

Since 2001 ICPS is also a support unit for the Agriculture, Environment and Civil Protection General Directorates. By participating in research projects funded by the European Union, it has established a strong network of relationships with Universities, scientific associations and research facilities in several EU Member States and extra EU Countries.

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