DAPHNE: a supporting tool for pesticides risk assessors and stakeholders

Anno: 2018 • Categoria: Poster • Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Alberto Linguadoca, Francesco Galimberti, Stefano Ubbiali, Luca Menaballi, Sonia Ullucci, Matteo Rota

DAPHNE (DAtes and PHeNological Estimation) is a tool created to contribute supporting the Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) of pesticides. The rationale behind its development is based on correlating crop phenological stages (BBCH) to specific dates for representative geographic areas is…


Methodology for spatial analysis of pesticide residue monitoring data in surface water

Anno: 2016 • Categoria: Poster • Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Giovanna Azimonti, Francesco Galimberti, Beniamino Cavagna, Mariangela Ciampitti, Marco Parini, Andrea Fazzone, Valeria Marchesi, Andrea Di Guardo, Antonio Finizio

The Directive 2009/128/CE of European Parliament and Council on Sustainable Use of Pesticides introduced a community action framework to protect the Environment of the EU and requested Member States to implement policies and actions in order to reduce the risk…


From NOEC to ECx: a large scale data analysis on ecotoxicological studies with pesticides

Anno: 2015 • Categoria: Poster • Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Flavio Marchetto, Francesco Galimberti, Waldo de Boer, Hilko van der Voet, Anelo Moretto

Historically chronic or long-term studies performed for the authorisation of plant protection products (PPP) result in the reporting of endpoint values in terms of No-Observed Effect Concentration (NOEC). The related Test Guidelines (OECD, ISO, EPA) were designed to fulfil the…


Don’t mix the grape and the grain: are ERA official procedures suitable for inorganic plant protection products?

Anno: 2014 • Categoria: Poster • Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Alessio Ippolito, Flavio Marchetto, Lidia Ceriani, Giovanna Azimonti

Most of currently used active ingredients in Plant Protection Products (PPP) are organic xenobiotics. Despite in numerical terms, natural inorganic compounds represent a small minority, their usage is extremely widespread. According to FAO data, inorganics represent about half of the…


Birds species versus crops: GIS-based procedure to identify specific combinations

Anno: 2012 • Categoria: Poster • Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Alessandra Caffi, Francesco Galimberti, Flavio Marchetto, Giovanna Azimonti, Angelo Moretto

Pesticide registration in EU (Reg. 1107/2009 EC) requires, among others, appropriate risk assessment for birds. The bird species currently used in risk assessment are the ones considered the most sensitive to all pesticides. In this work a realistic approach has…