Application of VandA to the North of Italy

Anno: 2019
Categoria: Poster
Lingua: Inglese
Autori: Francesco Galimberti, Giovanna Azimonti, Angelo Moretto
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VandA is an innovative, easy to use tool to visualize the pesticide surface water contamination, assess the potential pesticide risk and address where to introduce mitigation measures to reduce the contamination and control the risk in the surface water environmental compartment (SETAC Rome 2018; VandA – Visualize and Assess: a tool for the pesticide risk mitigation in surface water). Recently, ISPRA, the Italian National Reference Institute for Environmental Research and Protection published a National report on pesticides in water resources [1]. The scenario which came out from the report is drastically negative all over the Italian territory, but mainly in the surface and ground water of the Padana Plain in the North of Italy. This evidence is in contrast with the latest great efforts of the four main Regions of the Padana plain to continuously improve the agricoltural sector, enchancing the ecological state of water resources, in line with objectives of the Directive 2009/128/CE on establishing a framework for Community action to achieve the sustainable use of pesticides. Aim of the present work is to run the VandA tool on pesticide residue data in surface water of the four main Regions in the Padana Plain, in order to propose an additional point of view which might agree or disagree with the ISPRA report. [1] Rapporto nazionale pesticidi nelle acque dati 2015-2016. Edizione 2018. 282/2018. ISBN: 978-88-448-0848-8